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We're Insured Tree Surgeons

Insurance is a very important part of what tree surgeons do. Having public liability for tree surgery is a must when working at people’s homes, commercial properties and with local county councils covering the public, our employees and sub contractors.


This occurs after a tree/s have failed resulting in an unexpected catastrophe. The dynamics involved in these situations decree only professional Tree surgeon with the experience in dealing with emergency tree work should attempt to carry out such work. Just because a tree “is on the ground” does NOT make it safe.

It seems these day  there are more and intensified natural disasters in the recent years than before. Forest fires, Tree collapse and especially over cropping (caused by ignorance), has deforested large areas. Areas that were once fertile are destroyed and there is more and more degraded farmland.

The results of the natural disasters are deforested mountain slopes, tress falling long before the trees expected life should only be handled by a qualified Tree surgeon

Care Must Be Taken

Telephone:+353 (085) 714 0573 don't take chances. Fallen trees can be under ENORMOUS pressure. Nature's power can easily KILL. Our Tree surgeons are equipped to deal with this situation SAFELY. 

Telephone:+353 (085) 714 0573 for a Tree surgeon