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Insurance is a very important part of what tree surgeons do. Having public liability for tree surgery is a must when working at people’s homes, commercial properties and with local county councils covering the public, our employees and sub contractors.


Tree pruning -  tree Crown bracing cavan monaghan cobra bracing

The main reasons for a tree surgeon to prune ornamental and shade trees include safety, health, and aesthetics. In addition, pruning can be used to stimulate fruit production and increase the value of timber.

A Tree Pruning Can Include.

Tree pruning by a tree surgeon is sometimes called Tree Lopping

  • Deadwooding pruning (removal of deadwood within the crown)
  • Crown Thinning ( thinning out the crown structure, selective removal of branches)
  • Crown reduction ( reducing the amount of leaf within the crown)
  • Crown re-shape ( changing the overall shape of the crown to a more desired size/ shape)
  • End weighting ( shorting of selected limbs back to a adequate growth point)

Safe Tree BracingCrown Bracing

This involves the installation by a tree surgeon of a bracing system which supports the trees structure and or arrests the failure of that structure. For example Cable bracing or the more modern Cobra bracing. 

Where a branch (or ree limb) is weakly attached to the main trunk or stem, a tree surgeon installs crown bracing is used to harness and extend the life of the tree.

Crown Bracing can also be used when a part of a tree is hanging over property. 

Root treatment

  • Soil ventilation ( the aeration of the soil around the rioting area)
  • Mulching ( placing good composted mulch around the rioting area of the tree but DOES NOT COME IN CONTACT WITH THE TRUNK!!! )
  • Clearing the trunk/root collar

it is important, see above, that the point of transition between the trunk and the rooting area is kept clear and clean to prevent infection and other problems occuring. Ask our tree surgeon

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