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Insurance is a very important part of what tree surgeons do. Having public liability for tree surgery is a must when working at people’s homes, commercial properties and with local county councils covering the public, our employees and sub contractors.


Soil and Root Management

Soil is comprised of air, water, minerals, and organic matter. Making sure these are balanced is critical to your trees root growth and overall health. Unfortunately, for many different reasons urban and suburban landscape trees often reside in soils that are compacted, not the right moisture level and may oftern lack the nutrients needed for growth and development. By taking an interest in the soil portion of the trees around your home in either co Monaghan or Co Cavan  maintenance you can easily keep your soil healthy which is turn creates healthy roots and a healthy canopy.


The root system is the most important part of a plant’s structure and should be included in your tree maintenance. Unhealthy or diseased roots will cause tree failure, making it a hazard. Most problems are not visible without the process of carefully air spading (exposing the roots). 

When trees are showing signs of possible root issues your Arborist will most likely recommend a root collar excavation.  In this process, we will use high-velocity air tools to blow away the dirt and expose the roots. This then allows the us to diagnose the root issues and describe what tree maintenance is needed.